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Ambhar Reposado Tequila

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Tequila Ambhar Reposado is 100% Blue Agave from a combination of both the lowlands (Tequila region) and from the highlands. We have found that a mix of the two regions produces a tequila with the best favor characteristics.

Tequila Ambhar Agave is harvested at its peak maturity after each is tested for the perfect sugar content. The piñas are transported to our distillery which is located in a small town outside of Arandas, Capilla de Guadalupe. The Agave is unloaded, the top or corta of the head is removed and the piñas are then cut into 6-8 uniformly sized pieces. The pieces go into a stainless steel autoclave, gas-fired oven and are roasted with a consistent combination of steam and heat. The steam first washes the piñas and removes the bitter honey in the beginning stages of roasting.

The roasted piñas are allowed to cool and then are mashed with a combination of milling and water extraction to separate the sugars from the pulp. The sugars, some juices from the cooking, and pulp are then fermented together for a number of days. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks by yeast strains isolated from a naturally fermented cooked agave juice.

Distillation occurs in copper pot stills and rectification columns in a three step batch distillation process. In the first step, the fermented wort is distilled. The head and the tail of that distillation is then removed. Only the heart of the distillation will remain to become Tequila Ambhar.

In the second step, the heart of the distillation is then re-distilled in a pot still similar to the one used in the first distillation. The third step is a repeat of step two. We create a distillation using small stills and even heat to bring out the best characteristics in our tequilas.

The Reposado rests in oak whiskey barrels from the Jack Daniels distillery for up to 364 days.

The Legend of Goddess Ambhar
It is told that when the earth was young there was a beautiful young goddess, the beloved of the stars, named Ambhar. She fell in love with a mortal and was killed by the other gods.

The stars gathered her remains and deposited them on earth as the blue agave. (This is why the Agave is shaped as a star.) This further enraged the gods, and they set the Agave afire with a bolt of lightning. When the fire ceased only the heart of the Agave remained which bled sweet nectar. The mortals collected the nectar and called it "Tequila". They presented it as an offering to the gods, who were pleased. Ambhar Tequilas were named in honor of this beautiful goddess and to give a taste of heaven and earth.

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Alcohol (ABV): 40% (80 proof):

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